4 Main John Deere 955 Problems and Solutions

Do you face problems with your John Deere 955? You are not alone, because most owners also face issues with their John Deere. So why you are worried because here we will discuss the most common John Deere 955 problems along with their easy solutions.

John Deere 955 Problems and solutions

Now we are going to discuss the most common problems of John Deere 955 along with their easy solutions.

1. Fuel System Problems:

This is the most common John Deere problems that owners face. There are some symptoms of it that we discuss below. 

A. Fuel Injector Issues


  • Hard Starting: Difficulty initiating the engine.
  • Lack of Power: Reduced engine performance.
  • Rough Idle: Unstable engine idling.


  • Clean injectors thoroughly using specialized cleaning solutions.
  • If cleaning proves ineffective, replace injectors to ensure proper fuel delivery.
  • Check fuel filters for blockages; replace them to maintain consistent fuel flow.

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B. Fuel Pump Problems


  • Tractor Won’t Start: Inability to start the engine.
  • Starts Then Dies: Engine initiates but fails to sustain.


  • Inspect fuel flow from the tank; any restrictions need immediate attention.
  • Test the fuel pump’s functionality and replace if it fails to maintain adequate pressure.

2. Hydraulic System Issues:

Problems with the hydraulic system also crucial. Some of them are discuss below.

A. Leaks


  • Visible Leaks: Spots of hydraulic fluid around hoses or connectors.
  • Loss of Hydraulic Pressure: Implement failing to function correctly.


  • Examine hoses for cracks, abrasions, or damage; replace any compromised hoses.
  • Inspect seals on hydraulic components for wear or damage; replace them if leaking.

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B. Hydraulic Pump Failure


  • Loss of Implement Function: Inability to operate hydraulic tools or attachments.
  • Lack of Lifting Power: Hydraulic system struggling to lift loads.


  • Conduct a thorough test of the hydraulic pump’s output to identify performance issues.
  • Consider rebuilding or replacing the pump if output is consistently below specifications.

3. Electrical Problems:

The most common John Deere 955 problem is electrical issues. Due to the issues, your mower does not start like if the battery is dead or its terminal become faulty.

A. Battery Issues


  • Slow Cranking: Engine turns over slowly during startup.
  • Intermittent Operation: Electrical components functioning inconsistently.
  • Battery Dead


  • Clean battery connections to ensure a solid electrical connection.
  • Perform a load test on the battery to identify weakening; replace if necessary.

B. Starter or Alternator Failure


  • No Start Conditions: Engine fails to initiate.
  • Battery Not Charging: Warning light indicating charging issues.


  • Test the starter for proper engagement and functionality.
  • If the alternator is faulty, consider rebuilding or replacing it to restore charging capability.

4. Engine Problems:

This is the most common problem because your mower engine begin to overheat or refuse to start.

Overheating Issues

  • High Temperature Gauge Readings: Elevated engine temperature indication.


  • Check the coolant level; low levels may lead to overheating.
  • Test and potentially replace the thermostat to regulate engine temperature.
  • Make sure the air filters are clean, and if they need to be replaced, replace them.
  • Always use high quality oil for your lawn mower.
  • Ensure the radiator is clean and free from debris for efficient cooling.

B. Low Power/Rough Running


  • Lack of Power: Reduced engine performance.
  • Misfiring/Backfiring: Unstable combustion patterns.


  • Conduct a complete engine tune-up, including replacing filters, spark plugs, and ignition wires.
  • Inspect the timing to ensure it aligns with the manufacturer’s specifications for optimal performance.

Preventing Future Problems:

  • Regularly inspect and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals for all components.
  • Proactively replace wear parts, including belts, hoses, and filters, to prevent unexpected failures.
  • Address small issues promptly to prevent them from escalating into major problems, ensuring prolonged equipment life.

How Much Horsepower Does a 955 John Deere Have?

With a 73-horsepower engine, the 955 John Deere tractor is powered by a 4-cylinder, turbocharged engine with a displacement of 100 cubic inches. This liquid-cooled engine, weighing 2,340 pounds, enables the tractor to achieve a top speed of 21 miles per hour.

What Oil Does a John Deere 955 Take?

The John Deere 955 tractor uses SAE 15W-40 oil, requiring a change every 200 hours or annually, whichever comes first.

How Much Can a John Deere 955 Lift?

The John Deere 955 stands out for its versatility, especially in lifting and moving heavy loads. Equipped with a three-point hitch system, it can lift up to 4,200 pounds. This robust lifting capacity makes the 955 suitable for various farming tasks, including ploughing, harrowing, and seeding. The hydraulic system further enhances its capabilities, allowing the attachment of backhoes and augers.


Now I think you have got an idea about the John Deere 955 problems because here I give you the complete details about it with their easy solutions.

So don’t let tractor problems slow you down. Utilize this detailed guide to troubleshoot and maintain your John Deere 955, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

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