8 Major Hisun 700 UTV problems and Solutions

Hisun 700 UTVs are known for their powerful performance and versatility. However, like any vehicle, they can encounter certain problems that may affect their functionality. In this guide, we will discuss 8 major Hisun 700 UTV problems that its owners may encounter and provide detailed solutions to help you resolve these issues.

8 Hisun 700 UTV problems and Solutions

Now we are going to discuss the major problems of Hisun UTV 700 with their easy solutions. These problems are the same as Hisun UTV 400 issues.

I. Lack of Power

If you own a Hisun 700 UTV and are experiencing a lack of power, don’t worry – let’s explore potential causes and practical solutions to get your off-road machine back to peak performance:

1. Insufficient Fuel Delivery:

    • Symptoms: Engine lacks power during acceleration or struggles to maintain speed.
  • Causes:
      • Clogged Fuel Filters: Dirty or clogged filters restrict fuel flow.
      • Fuel Injector Issues: Worn or contaminated injectors affect fuel delivery.
  • Fix:
    • Inspect and replace clogged fuel filters.
    • Clean or replace fuel injectors as needed.

2. Airflow Restrictions:

    • Symptoms: Reduced power output, especially at higher RPMs.
  • Causes:
      • Dirty Air Filter: A clogged filter limits air intake.
      • Exhaust Restrictions: Blocked systems hinder exhaust flow.
  • Fix:
    • Regularly clean or replace the air filter.
    • Check for obstructions in the exhaust system.

3. Ignition System Problems:

    • Symptoms: Weak spark, misfires, or poor combustion.
  • Causes:
      • Worn Spark Plugs: Old or fouled plugs reduce ignition efficiency.
      • Faulty Ignition Coils: Malfunctioning coils affect spark strength.
  • Fix:
    • Replace spark plugs at recommended intervals.
    • Test and replace faulty ignition coils.

4. Compression Loss:

    • Symptoms: Reduced engine power across all RPM ranges.
  • Causes:
      • Leaky Cylinder Seals: Worn piston rings or cylinder head gaskets.
  • Fix:
    • Perform a compression test to identify leaks.
    • Address any cylinder seal issues.

5. Engine Timing Issues:

    • Symptoms: Poor acceleration, backfiring, or knocking.
  • Causes:
      • Incorrect Timing: Misaligned camshaft or crankshaft timing.
  • Fix:
    • Verify and adjust engine timing as per manufacturer specifications.

6. Fuel Pump Malfunction:

    • Symptoms: Inadequate fuel delivery to the engine.
  • Causes:
      • Failing Fuel Pump: A weak or failing pump affects fuel pressure.
  • Fix:
    • Test fuel pump performance and replace if necessary.

II. Hisun 700 UTV Engine won’t start problems

When your Hisun 700 UTV engine refuses to start, it can be frustrating. This happens due to several reasons.

Fuel System Check:

      • Ensure that the fuel system is in order because the engine won’t start due to it.
      • Fix: If the engine still won’t start, consider checking the ECU motor scan. Look for any worn-out or damaged parts. Inspect the wiring and replace any damaged wires. Also, verify that the fuel pump, fuel lines, and fuel tank are functioning correctly.

Clogged Air Filter:

      • A clogged air filter can hinder proper air intake, affecting engine startup.
      • Fix: Clean or replace the air filter. A clean filter ensures optimal airflow for combustion.

Spark Plug Inspection:

      • Symptoms: Weak spark or misfires during startup.
      • Cause: Worn or fouled spark plugs.
      • Fix: Inspect the spark plugs. Replace any damaged or worn-out plugs.

Electrical Connections:

      • Loose or damaged electrical connections can disrupt the starting process.
      • Fix: Check all electrical connections, including battery terminals, ignition switch, and wiring. Ensure they are secure and tight.

Battery Health:

      • A weak or discharged battery can prevent engine startup.
      • Fix: Verify that the battery is connected properly. Charge or replace the battery if needed.

Starter Motor and Solenoid:

      • A malfunctioning starter motor or solenoid can lead to startup issues.
      • Fix: Inspect the starter motor and solenoid. Replace any faulty components.

Fuel Quality:

    • Poor quality or contaminated fuel can affect engine performance. So due to this, the engine of your UTV won’t start.
    • Fix: Use fresh, clean fuel. Drain any old or stale fuel from the system.

III. Hisun 700 UTV Brake problems

Maintaining peak performance and safety in your Hisun 700 UTV is crucial for a seamless off-road adventure. Solve the issues with the brake because it is safety critical.

1. Grinding or Failing Brakes:

    • Symptoms: Brakes grinding or failing, indicating potential brake oil or air issues.
  • Causes:
      • Low Brake Fluid Levels: Regularly check and ensure the brake fluid reservoir is adequately filled.
      • Air Trapped in Brake Lines: Periodically bleed the brake lines to eliminate any trapped air bubbles.
      • Loose Disc Brake Plates or Calipers: Conduct thorough inspections to identify and address any loose components in the brake assembly.
  • Fix:
    • Inspect and top up brake fluid levels as needed.
    • Bleed the brake lines to guarantee proper hydraulic pressure.
    • Tighten any loose parts within the disc brake system for optimal functionality.

2. Gearbox Noise:

    • Issue: Unusual noises emanating from the gearbox, potentially indicating transmission problems.
  • Fix:
    • If abnormal sounds persist, it is advisable to consider a detailed examination and, if necessary, replace the gears within the gearbox.

IV. Transmission Problems

When it comes to Hisun 700 UTVs, transmission issues can occasionally arise. 

1. Concerning Noise from the Transmission:

  • Symptoms: Unusual noises while driving, particularly from the transmission.
  • Fix: Promptly check the transmission components like gears, bearings, and synchronizers. Replace any worn-out or damaged parts. Keep everything well-lubricated for a smoother operation.

2. Sticky Gear Shifts:

  • Issue: Difficulty shifting gears, affecting overall performance and ride quality.
  • Fix: Examine the gear shift mechanism. Make sure it’s well-lubricated and adjust the clutch if necessary. Lubricate the shift linkage to ensure smoother gear changes for a better riding experience.

3. Transmission Slipping Out of Gear:

  • Issue: Gears slipping out of place, potentially dangerous and disrupting smooth operation.
  • Fix: Confirm proper gear engagement. Adjust the shift linkage and ensure everything is correctly aligned. If slipping issues persist, it’s advisable to seek help from a professional for a safer and more reliable solution.

V. Overheating Problems

Dealing with an overheating engine is vital to prevent costly damage. This majorly happens when you drive your UTV in hot weather.

1. Low Coolant or No Coolant:

  • Issue: Insufficient coolant leading to overheating.
  • Fix: Check coolant levels regularly and investigate any leaks if you find yourself frequently adding coolant.

2. Broken Thermostat:

  • Issue: Malfunctioning thermostat affecting temperature regulation.
  • Fix: Locate the thermostat (usually in a plastic housing on the engine block or head) and ensure it opens and closes correctly.

3. Broken Water Pump:

  • Issue: A malfunctioning water pump affecting coolant circulation.
  • Fix: Verify water pump functionality. Although rare, it’s crucial for proper cooling.

4. Broken Radiator Fan:

  • Issue: Overheating during idle, check the radiator fan.
  • Fix: Ensure the fan works correctly to cool the radiator.

5. Clogged or Damaged Radiator:

  • Issue: Blocked radiator fins reducing coolant flow.
  • Fix: Clean the radiator fins and make sure debris doesn’t obstruct airflow.

6. Head Gasket Failure:

  • Issue: A blown head gasket leading to coolant loss.
  • Fix: Address any coolant leaks and replace the head gasket if necessary.

7. Engine Damage Symptoms:

  • Symptoms: Burning scents, fluid leaks, or a cracked engine block.
  • Fix: If you suspect engine damage from overheating, have it assessed by a mechanic promptly.

VI. Suspension Troubles

A rough or bumpy ride can indicate suspension problems in the Hisun 700 UTV. Inspect the suspension components for any signs of damage, such as worn-out bushings or leaking shocks. Replace any faulty parts and ensure that the suspension is properly lubricated. If the issue persists, it is recommended to have a professional examine and repair the suspension system.

VII. Steering Problems

Steering issues can make the Hisun 700 UTV difficult to control and maneuver. If you notice excessive play in the steering wheel or difficulty turning, inspect the steering components for any signs of wear or damage. Tighten any loose connections and lubricate the steering system as recommended by the manufacturer. If the problem persists, seek professional assistance.

VIII. Tire and Wheel Issues

Problems with the tires and wheels can affect the overall performance and safety of the Hisun 700 UTV. Regularly check the tire pressure and ensure that the tires are properly aligned and balanced. Inspect the wheels for any signs of damage or loose bolts. If necessary, replace worn-out tires or damaged wheels to maintain optimal performance.


By being aware of these eight major Hisun 700 UTV problems that its owners may encounter and following the provided solutions, you can easily resolve these issues and ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to any problems will help you enjoy your Hisun 700 UTV for years to come.

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