Major Hisun UTV 400 Problems(Let’s Solve Them)

Do you face problems with your Hisun UTV 400? You are not alone because most owners also face issues with it. So don’t worry I never disappoint you here because here I provide easy solutions to these Hisun UTV 400 Problems. Stay with us if you want to solve these issues with your UTV.

Major Hisun UTV 400 Problems and Solutions

Now we are going to discuss the most common issues of Hisun UTV 400 along with their easy solutions. These issues are the same as Hisun UTV 500 problems.

Hisun 400 UTV Engine problems

These are also the major problems of Hisun UTV 400 because due to this your UTV engine refuses to start. Here are some engine-related issues of 400 UTV.

1. Engine Overheating:

      • Problem: Overheating is a common problem in your UTV , especially in older models.
      • Possible Causes:
        • Overloaded Engine: Your UTV engine begins to overheat due to overload on its engine. So avoid excessive loads to prevent strain on the engine.
        • Low Coolant: Regularly check and maintain proper coolant levels because due to the low coolant, its engine overheats.
        • Faulty Fan: Consider installing dual fans for enhanced cooling.
        • Dirty Radiator Screens: Clean screens regularly to ensure proper airflow.
      • Solution: Install dual fans for additional cooling. Maintain proper fuel levels, avoid direct sunlight, and clean radiator screens regularly.

2. Starting Issues:

      • Problem: Difficulty starting, often related to spark plugs or fuel.
  • Possible Causes:
        • Spark Plug Issues: Clean or replace spark plugs regularly.
        • Fuel Flow: Check the fuel filter for clogs and ensure proper fuel flow.
        • Air Filter: Inspect for dirt or clogs that may hinder air intake.
      • Solution: Clean or replace spark plugs, check the fuel filter, and inspect the air filter for better engine starting.

3. Idling Problems:

      • Problem: Rough idling or stalling during idle.
  • Possible Causes:
        • Fuel or Air Flow Issues: Address any blockages or irregularities.
        • Air Filter: Clean or replace the air filter for smoother idling.
      • Solution: Ensure proper fuel and airflow, and clean or replace the air filter to improve idling.

4. Spark Plug Troubles:

      • Problem: Faulty spark plugs affecting engine performance.
      • Solution: Regularly inspect spark plugs. Clean or replace them as necessary to maintain optimal engine performance.

5. Engine Abnormalities:

      • Problem: Strange noises or rattling from the engine.
      • Solution: Diagnose the specific issue causing abnormal sounds, such as loose components, and address it promptly.

6. Airflow Blockage:

      • Problem: Dirty radiator and grille screens causing overheating.
      • Solution: Regularly clean debris from screens, modify the hood compartment and adjust the radiator for better airflow.

7. Transmission Issues:

      • Problem: Problems with gear shifting and overall performance.
      • Solution: Regularly check transmission fluid levels and address any leaks or malfunctions promptly for smooth gear shifting.

8. Carburetor Failures:

      • Problem: Poor fuel-air mixture affecting engine performance.
      • Solution: Regularly inspect and maintain the carburetor. Clean or repair it as needed to ensure a proper fuel-air mixture.

9. Clutch Troubles:

      • Problem: Clutch-related issues causing slipping or difficulty engaging gears.
      • Solution: Adjust or replace clutch components as required for smoother gear engagement.

10. Warranty Concerns:

    • Problem: Challenges with warranty claims and support.
    • Solution: Communicate with the manufacturer or authorized service centers promptly to address any warranty-related issues.

Hisun 400 UTV Electric problems

If you’re facing electrical issues with your Hisun 400 UTV, here’s a user-friendly guide to help you diagnose and fix common problems:

1. Starting Problems:

      • Issue: Difficulty starting, possibly related to the ignition system, battery, or starter motor.
      • Solution: Check your battery and connections. Make sure the ignition switch works. If needed, replace the battery or starter motor.

2. Electrical Shorts and Wiring Problems:

      • Issue: Erratic behavior or complete failure due to faulty wiring, loose connections, or electrical shorts.
      • Solution: Inspect wiring, connectors, and fuses. Replace damaged wires and check for corrosion or loose connections.

3. Charging System Issues:

      • Issue: Insufficient battery charging caused by alternator or voltage regulator problems.
      • Solution: Test the alternator and voltage regulator. Replace any parts that are not functioning correctly.

4. Lights and Accessories Not Working:

      • Issue: Non-functional headlights, taillights, or accessories.
      • Solution: Check bulbs, fuses, and switches. Replace any burned-out bulbs or blown fuses. Ensure accessories are properly grounded.

5. Stalling or Misfiring:

      • Issue: Engine stalling or misfiring due to faulty ignition components or fuel delivery issues.
      • Solution: Inspect spark plugs, ignition coils, and fuel lines. Clean or replace them as needed.

6. Instrument Cluster Problems:

      • Issue: Malfunctions in the instrument cluster (speedometer, fuel gauge, etc.).
      • Solution: Verify connections and replace faulty sensors or gauges.

7. Weak or Dead Battery:

      • Issue: UTV not starting due to a weak or dead battery.
      • Solution: Charge or replace the battery. Consider using a maintenance charger during storage.

8. Ignition Switch Failure:

      • Issue: The malfunctioning ignition switch, disrupting the starting process.
      • Solution: Test the ignition switch and replace if necessary.

9. Voltage Spikes or Drops:

      • Issue: Unstable voltage, potentially damaging electronic components.
      • Solution: Install a voltage stabilizer or surge protector to regulate voltage.

10. Lack of Support and Service:

    • Issue: Challenges with warranty claims and service center support.
    • Solution: Reach out to the manufacturer or authorized dealers for reliable support and service.

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Hisun 400 UTV Transmission problems

If you’re dealing with transmission issues in your Hisun 400 UTV, here’s a user-friendly guide to help you understand common problems and their potential solutions:

1. Difficulty Shifting Gears:

      • Issue: Challenges shifting gears, especially uphill.
      • Solution: Check the gear shift mechanism. Make sure it’s well-lubricated and adjust the clutch if necessary. If problems persist, consult a professional mechanic for further assistance.

2. Grinding or Clunking Noises During Gear Shifts:

      • Issue: Unusual noises while changing gears, indicating potential transmission problems.
      • Solution: Inspect transmission components like gears, synchronizers, and shift forks. Replace any damaged parts to eliminate grinding or clunking noises during gear shifts.

3. Slipping Gears:

    • Issue: Gears slipping out of place, disrupting smooth operation.
    • Solution: Verify gear engagement, adjust the shift linkage, and ensure proper alignment. If slipping continues, seek professional assistance to address the underlying problem.

Brake Problems

If you’re facing brake issues with your Hisun 400 UTV, here’s a helpful guide to understanding common problems and their potential solutions:

1. Grinding or Failing Brakes:

      • Issue: Brakes are grinding or failing, indicating insufficient brake oil or air in the system.
  • Possible Causes:
        • Low brake fluid levels.
        • Air trapped in the brake lines.
        • Loose disc brake plates or calipers.
  • Solution:
        • Check the brake fluid level and top it up if needed.
        • Bleed the brake lines to remove air bubbles.
        • Inspect disc brake components and tighten any loose parts.

2. Gearbox Noise:

      • Issue: Unusual noises from the gearbox may signal transmission problems.
  • Solution:
      • If abnormal sounds are present, consider replacing the gears in the gearbox.

Clutch Problems

If you’re experiencing clutch issues with your Hisun 400 UTV, here’s a guide to help you identify common problems and potential solutions:

1. Clutch Failing to Disengage or Engage Properly:

      • Issue: Clutch not disengaging when pressed or struggling to engage under heavy load, impacting overall performance.
  • Solution:
        • Inspect clutch components like plates, springs, and the release mechanism.
        • Ensure proper lubrication and adjust the clutch cable tension.
        • If necessary, replace worn-out parts for improved clutch performance.

2. Abnormal Noises from the Clutch System:

      • Issue: Unusual noises (grinding or rattling) during clutch operation, signaling potential problems.
  • Solution:
      • Check for loose bolts, damaged clutch plates, or worn-out bearings.
      • Lubricate moving parts and replace any faulty components to eliminate abnormal noises.


As you see here we discuss the most common Hisun 400 UTV problems with their easy solutions. So whenever you encounter any of these problems, solve them by following the guidelines that we discuss here.

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