7 Major John Deere 5055e Problems (Let’s solve them)

The most common John Deere 5055e Problems are engine overheating issues, engine won’t start problems, hydraulic system problems, engine low power issues, engine won’t crank, Steering Wheel Problem and PTO problems.

These are the most common problems of John Deere 5055e reported by its owner. So solve these issues on time for better ridding experience.

7 Major John Deere 5055e Problems 

It is a time to discuss these problems in details along with their easy solutions. Read carefully this guide if you want to get rid of these issues.

1. John Deere 5055e Engine Overheating Problems 

This mostly happens when you ride it in very hot weather. Some people also face this problem with John Deere 4045e.

Not only hot weather is major concern, but there are other reasons behind it and these are.

  • Low quality oil
  • Overload
  • Dirty air filters
  • Low quantity of oil in the tank
  • Excessive speed
  • Worn out drive belt
  • Radiator caps leak

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the quality of the oil. If it is low quality, then replace it with high quality oil.
  • If you put overload on your tractor, then its engine overheat. So don’t put excessive load on it.
  • Clean the air filter, if they are dirty.
  • Don’t run it at excessive speed.
  • Check the drive belt, if it is worn out then replace it.
  • Also check the radiator caps. If there is any leakage from it, then stop this leakage.

2. Engine Won’t Start Problems:

One of the frustrating issues users may encounter is the tractor’s engine refusing to start. The major reason might be a low level of fuel in the tank, but several other factors could contribute to this problem:

  • Battery Issues: Ensure the battery is charged and connections are secure.
  • Fuel Supply: Check fuel levels and fuel quality. Poor-quality or old fuel can hinder starting.
  • Faulty Starter: A malfunctioning starter motor might be the main problem. Inspect and replace if necessary.
  • Low quality oil
  • Damage electric wires

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the battery and its terminals. If the battery is not charged, then charge it and if dead then replace it.
  • Now check the fuel pipes that it give proper supply or not. If not, then take your tractor to a professional.
  • Inspect the oil. If it is low quality, then replace it with high quality oil.

3. Hydraulic System Problems:

The hydraulic system is crucial for various tractor functions. Problems in this system can lead to performance issues:

  • Low Hydraulic Fluid
  • Leaking Hydraulic Lines
  • Clogged Hydraulic Filters

How to solve these problems?

Low Hydraulic Fluid:

  • Check Fluid Levels: Regularly inspect the hydraulic fluid reservoir to ensure it meets the recommended levels.
  • Top Up Fluid: If levels are low, add the appropriate hydraulic fluid as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Inspect for Leaks: Thoroughly examine hydraulic lines, fittings, and components for any signs of leaks. Address and repair leaks promptly.

Leaking Hydraulic Lines:

  • Visual Inspection: Examine all hydraulic lines for visible leaks, paying close attention to fittings and connections.
  • Tighten Connections: If leaks are detected, ensure all fittings are properly tightened. Replace damaged or worn-out hoses.
  • Use Sealants: Apply hydraulic sealants to connections to prevent or repair minor leaks.

Clogged Hydraulic Filters:

  • Regular Maintenance: Establish a routine for inspecting and replacing hydraulic filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Filter Replacement: If filters are clogged, replace them with the appropriate model to maintain proper fluid flow.
  • Clean Filters: In some cases, filters can be cleaned using compressed air or other recommended methods.

4. Engine Low Power Issues:

A tractor’s power is vital for optimal performance. If you’re experiencing a lack of power, consider these factors:

  • Clogged Air Filters: Restricted airflow can diminish engine power.
  • Fuel Injection Problems: Malfunctions in the fuel injection system can lead to power loss.
  • Worn-out Engine Components: Over time, certain engine parts may wear out, affecting performance.
  • Low quality oil
  • Insufficient charge pressure

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the air filters, if they are dirty, clean them and if needed replace them.
  • Now inspect the quality of the oil. If there is low quality oil in the tank, then replace it with high quality oil.
  • Check the engine components, if they are worn out then replace them.
  • If there is insufficient charge pressure, then maintain it according to instructions.

5. Engine Won’t Crank:

When the engine won’t crank, it can be a frustrating experience. Potential causes include:

  • Faulty Ignition Switch: A malfunctioning switch can disrupt the cranking process.
  • Starter Motor Issues: A worn-out or defective starter motor may be the root cause.
  • Jammed fuel filters from dust particles

How to solve these problems?

  • Replace the ignition switch if faulty
  • Inspect the starter motor for any signs of wear or malfunction.
  • Clean the fuel filters properly if they are dirty.

6. John Deere 5055e Steering Wheel Problems:

Steering issues can affect the tractor’s manoeuvrability and safety. If you encounter these problems, then don’t use it before to solve these issues.

Common problems include:

  • Low Power Steering Fluid: Inadequate fluid levels can result in difficulty in steering.
  • Worn-out Steering Components: Over time, components such as tie rods may wear out.
  • Faulty linkage components
  • Issues with the column shaft

How to solve these problems?

  • If there are any faults in the linkage components, then solve it from professional.
  • Check the level of power steering fluid. If it is low, then maintain it according to instructions.
  • Replace all the worn-out steering components.

7. John Deere 5055e PTO Problems:

The Power Take-Off (PTO) is crucial for various attachments. Problems may include:

  • PTO Won’t Engage: Issues with the PTO engagement mechanism.
  • PTO Won’t Disengage: Difficulty in disengaging the PTO after use.

How to solve these problems?

Inspect and repair the PTO engagement mechanism, and ensure proper lubrication to prevent sticking.


I think you get a brief idea about the John Deere 5055e problems because here I provide the complete details about it. 

Now, when you encounter any of these problems, you can easily solve it by following few steps.


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