6 Major John Deere 3038E problems (Easy Fixes)

Do you need some help with your John Deere 3038E? You are not alone because most owners also face problems with it.

I think you don’t know what problems occur with your lawn mower.

So don’t worry; here we will discuss the six most common John Deere 3038E problems and their easy solutions. 

First, get knowledge about the problems, then solve them. Although it is the best tractor because of its low economy, like other vehicles, it also encounters some issues that are solved on time.

This tractor has almost the same problems as the John Deere 3032E.

Stay with us to know the solutions to these problems!

John Deere 3038E problems

Now we are going to discuss the most common problems of John Deere 3038E along with their easy fixes.

The most common problems with John Deere 3038E are

  • Engine Overheating
  • Engine not Start
  • Steering Wheel Issues
  • Power loss problems
  • White smoke
  • Starter motor turns slow

Let’s discuss these problems one-by-one!

1. Engine Overheating

When you’re riding the lawn mower, then suddenly its engine begin to overheat. This issues mostly occur when you ride the John Deere in very hot weather.

Several reasons behind these problems are.

  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Overload on it 
  • Run fast at idle speed
  • Dirty air filter
  • Low quality fuel
  • Lack of coolant in cooling system
  • Insufficient engine oil 
  • Thermostat fault
  • Unadjusted belt tension

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the engine oil. If it is low then fill it with high quality oil that company recommend.
  • Now check the coolant in the cooling system. If it is low, then fill it and also inspect the components of cooling system.
  • Don’t put overload on your tractor because it is also the main reason of engine overheating.
  • Adjust the belt tension properly.
  • Clean the air filter if they are dirty.

2. Engine won’t Start

This is the most common problem of John Deere reported by the owners. The engine of your tractor won’t start due to several reasons.

  • Insufficient Oil in the tank
  • Air in fuel system
  • Dirty or damage fuel injectors
  • Clogged fuel filter
  • Engine not warm properly
  • Dead Battery
  • Damage or faulty wires

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the fuel in the tank. If it is low, then fill it.
  • If there is air in the fuel system, then remove the air from the fuel system.
  • Test the fuel injectors, if they are damaged then replace them.
  • Inspect the fuel filter. If they are dirty, clean them properly.
  • Make sure that properly warm the engine before riding.
  • Now check the battery, if there are any issue with it then solve it.

3. Power loss problems

One of the most frustrating moment for riders is when their lawn mower suddenly begins to power loss. Engine not give sufficient power, that is the way it affects the performance of your tractor.

These John Deere 3038E problems are occurs due to several reasons.

  •  Defective relief valve 
  • Insufficient fluid supply
  • Insufficient charge pressure

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the relief valve. If it is defective, then replace it.
  • Now inspect the transmission fluid level, if it is low the fill it according to requirement.
  • Now test the charge pressure, if it is low then maintain it from the professional.

4. White smoke

This is also a major problem of 3038e tractor. Because here white smoke coming from the lawn mower. This happens due to several reasons.

  • Oil leak from combustion chamber
  • Damaged piston rings
  • Valve seal is not as gripping

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the combustion chamber. If oil leaks from it, then you stop the oil leak.
  • Now inspect the piston rings, if they are damaged then replace them.

5. Steering Wheel Issues

If you see the more critical John Deere 3038E problems, then it is one of them. If you encounter this issue, then don’t use your tractor before to solve these issues. 

These issues are occurred due to the several reasons:

  • Low hydraulic oil
  • Faulty linkage components
  • Issues with the column shaft

How to solve these problems?

  • Check the hydraulic level. If it is low, then fill it according to the requirement. Because due to low hydraulic oil, your mower steering wheel are too much free-play.
  • Inspect the faulty linkage components and replace them.

6. Starter motor turns slow


  • Low battery capacity
  • Battery electrical wire harness failure
  • Battery runs out quickly
  • Corroded or loose cables and terminals


  • Check the battery charge, if it is low then charged it according to requirement.
  • Now inspect the wires. If they are defective then repair them and if needed replace them.
  • After this check the terminals of the battery. If they are corroded, clean them and if they are loose then tighten them.


As you here I provide you the complete details about the John Deere 3038E problems along with the easy solutions.

So when you have to encounter any of these problems, then you can solve them easily.



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