10 UTV brands to stay away from (2024)

Do you want to buy a UTV and want to know the worst UTV brands to buy? So you are at the right place because here we will discuss the 10 best UTV brands to stay away from due to their poor performance. Later them, we also explore the top UTV brands in 2024 that offer good performance.

10 UTV brands to stay away from

Model of UTVs 

Of course! When thinking about off-road vehicles called Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs), it’s important to know which ones might not be the best. Here are some worst utv brands to buy and models that people haven’t been happy with:

1. Kawasaki Mule

Kawasaki Mule

Some people say the Kawasaki Mule is reliable in certain situations, but it doesn’t perform well off-road. Owners have mentioned issues with power and suspension, especially on tough terrains. If you want a UTV that’s great off-road, you might want to check out other brands and models.

2. Massimo Buck and T-Boss: 

UTVs from Massimo, like the Buck and T-Boss, have got bad reviews for quality and reliability. Owners talk about parts breaking too soon, electrical problems, and other issues that end up costing a lot to fix. If you want a UTV that lasts and is dependable, it’s better to choose a brand with a better reputation.

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3. Hisun Motors Strike: 

People aren’t happy with the performance and quality of the Hisun Motors Strike. Owners have complained about the engine not working well, problems with the suspension, and the UTV not lasting long. It might be a good idea to look at other UTV models that perform better and are made better.

4. Can-Am Defender:

Can-Am Defender

Even though the Can-Am Defender is known for being powerful, some people think it costs too much compared to other UTVs with similar features. If you’re watching your budget, you might want to explore other UTV options that give you good value for your money.

5. UTV brands to stay away from: Polaris Ranger 

Polaris Ranger 

Despite being popular, some owners have had issues with the Polaris Ranger. They’ve reported problems with the transmission, electrical troubles, and sometimes the UTV isn’t put together well. If you’re looking for a UTV you can rely on, it’s a good idea to consider different options.

6. Hisun Motors

Hisun Motors

Hisun offers side-by-sides at budget prices, but many models suffer from design flaws.

  • Underpowered engines struggle on hills and trails
  • Frequent overheating issues
  • Unrefined transmission shifting

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7. American SportWorks

While an American company, quality concerns plague many American SportWorks UTVs.

  • Persistent engine issues like blown head gaskets
  • Electrical problems with wiring harnesses
  • Cheap plastic body panels prone to cracking

8. Taotao:

Taotao UTVs are criticized for their affordability but have faced concerns related to inconsistent quality control. Users have reported issues with durability and reliability, making them less favored in terms of long-term performance.

9. Coolster:

Similar to Taotao, Coolster UTVs are perceived to have quality issues. Users have expressed concerns about the build quality and overall reliability of Coolster vehicles, contributing to a less favorable reputation.

10. UTV brands to stay away from: Bennche

Despite being positioned as budget-friendly, Bennche UTVs have received criticism for reliability problems. Users have reported concerns about the dependability and performance of these vehicles, making them less desirable for those seeking a reliable off-road experience.

What is the best side by side UTV brands on the market

best side by side UTV brands

Here are 5 top UTV brands in 2024, each known for their strengths in different areas. Now discuss these top side by sides brands.



  • Value Proposition: KYMCO’s UTX line is a great choice for budget-minded buyers. These UTVs offer a compelling balance between affordability and capability.
  • Consideration: If you are looking for an affordable UTV that can handle a variety of tasks without breaking the bank, KYMCO’s UTX line is a strong contender. It’s a practical choice for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective option.


  • Affordability: KYMCO’s UTX line provides a cost-effective option for budget-minded buyers.
  • Balance of Affordability and Capability: Offers a compelling balance between affordability and capability.


  • Limited Model Range: KYMCO’s model range may be more limited compared to some competitors.
  • Resale Value: May experience lower resale value compared to certain established brands.

2. Yamaha:

  • Versatility: Yamaha’s UTV lineup includes the Wolverine RMAX line, known for its versatility in balancing capability and comfort. The Wolverine series is designed for recreational use, offering an enjoyable off-road experience.
  • Consideration: Yamaha is synonymous with reliability, and their UTVs are no exception. If you desire a UTV that can handle a mix of work and play, with a focus on durability and performance, exploring Yamaha’s offerings is a wise decision.


  • Versatility: Yamaha’s UTV lineup, especially the Wolverine RMAX line, is known for its versatile performance.
  • Reliability: Yamaha has a strong reputation for building reliable vehicles.


  • Higher Price Point: Yamaha UTVs, while reliable, may come with a higher initial price tag compared to some competitors.
  • Limited Storage: Cargo bed capacity may be limited compared to certain models from other brands.

3. Honda:

  • Reliability and Comfort: Honda’s Pioneer models are crafted with a focus on reliability and comfort. They provide a well-rounded package suitable for both work-related tasks and recreational adventures.
  • Consideration: Honda has a strong reputation for producing dependable vehicles, and their UTVs are no different. The Pioneer models are ideal for those who value reliability and a comfortable riding experience, making them versatile for various applications.


  • Reliability: Honda’s Pioneer models are crafted with a focus on reliability.
  • Comfort: Prioritizes comfort for both work-related tasks and recreational adventures.


  • Higher Price: Honda UTVs can be relatively more expensive compared to some budget-friendly alternatives.
  • Less Aggressive Styling: Some users may find Honda UTVs to have a more conservative design.

4. Textron Off-Road:

  • Power and Capability: Textron Off-Road’s Stampede and Havoc lines are recognized for their power and capability, making them go-to choices for challenging terrains and demanding off-road experiences.
  • Consideration: If you are an off-road enthusiast seeking a UTV with robust power and capability to conquer challenging landscapes, Textron Off-Road’s Stampede and Havoc lines offer a thrilling off-road experience.


  • Power and Capability: Stampede and Havoc lines are known for their power and capability.
  • Thrilling Off-Road Experience: Ideal for off-road enthusiasts seeking a thrilling experience.


  • Higher Maintenance Cost: Some users report higher maintenance costs compared to other brands.
  • Less Fuel-Efficient: The powerful engines may result in lower fuel efficiency.

5. Bad Boy Buggies:

  • Electric UTVs: Bad Boy Buggies specializes in electric UTVs, providing a quieter and eco-conscious option for buyers.
  • Consideration: For those environmentally conscious or looking for a quieter off-road experience, Bad Boy Buggies’ electric UTVs are worth considering. They offer an alternative for users who prioritize sustainability without compromising performance.


  • Electric UTVs: Specializes in eco-conscious electric UTVs for a quieter and sustainable off-road experience.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Attractive for those prioritizing environmentally friendly options.


  • Limited Model Options: Bad Boy Buggies may have a more limited model range compared to traditional gas-powered UTVs.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Relies on charging infrastructure; may not be suitable for long-distance off-road adventures.

Most Reliable UTV For Work

Reliable UTV For Work

When it comes to reliable UTVs for work, several models stand out. Let’s explore some of the best UTVs that excel in both work-related tasks and recreational use:

1. Can-Am Maverick:

The Can-Am Maverick offers strong towing capability and powerful off-road skills. Its multipurpose cargo bed and efficient performance make it versatile for both work and play. Whether you’re hauling equipment or hitting the trails, the Maverick delivers1.

2. Yamaha Viking:

The Yamaha Viking combines reliability with a strong and roomy cargo bed. Its advanced suspension system ensures a smooth ride, while the powerful engine handles off-road adventures. Whether you’re working on the farm or exploring the outdoors, the Viking has you covered.

3. Arctic Cat Prowler:

The Arctic Cat Prowler boasts strong construction, excellent suspension, and high towing capacity. It also offers amenities for leisure, such as sound systems. With its off-road nimbleness and adaptability, it’s a solid choice for work and play.


Now you choose the best side by side UTV brands among the worst brands because here I provide the complete details about UTV brands to stay away from due to their poor performance.

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